STONE QUILT - 2003 - Granite and Marble 6'h x 5'w 

FareWell  (2016)   Steel,copper, enamel, rice

ARTS DINER - 1989 - Private Corporation, Seattle - Porcelaine enamel, steel - 4' x 4'

3D:  Multi-Media

​DRAGON GARDEN - 1985 - Wing Luke Museum - Porcelain enamel, steel - 12'h x 4'w

3 Dimensional Work 

​Iron Tuliphead (2002)

Cast iron and vitreous enamel

​​​PIKE PUB II - ​2004 - Pike Place Pub, Seattle - Porcelain enamel, steel - 4' x 4'

3D:  Art in Public Spaces

ADELLE MAXWELL CHILDCARE - 2003 - porcelain enamel, steel, ceramic, acrylic, poem - 6'w x 4'h x4"d 

FIRST MARKS - ​2013 - Garfield Elementary, Everett WA - Steel, aluminum, powdercoat 12'h x 7'w x 4'd

 WORLD FINANCIAL CENTER -​ 1989 NYC - Copper, vitreous enamel, gold plate -100 pcs. - 36"x36"

Two x Two (1992)

Copper, enamel, acrylic, bronze

BRIDGE TO BROTHERHOOD ​- 1989 Redmond WA - porcelain enamel, steel, brick landscaping -30' X 8' 

Slings and Arrows (1994)

Copper, steel, enamel, acrylic, ceramic

​SHRINE OF HOPES & WISHES ​2003 - Seattle - Porcelain enamel, steel, concrete - 30'w x 10'H x 10"d

Birth of Venus (2015) ​   Ceramic with underglazes

No Strings Attached (2016) Copper, enamel, aluminum, ceramic, feathers, found objects

With a 1977 MFA from the University of Washington, Cheryll went on to work in the porcelain enamel industry doing research and development for factories across the country. Her work reflects that exploration using a variety of techniques and materials. The following are only a few examples of her work. More images are available upon request.

Leaning Up Against the Night (1992)

Porcelain enamel on steel

Sleep Now (1977)

Pewter, bronze, acrylic, ceramic, satin

Altared Heart (1989)

Enamel, copper, fur, acrylic, bronze, silver

​​PIKE PUB I - 2004 - Pike Pub, Seattle - Porcelain enamel, steel - 4' x 4'

Cheryll has been involved in Public Art programs as an artist and administrator since the 1980's. Having served on local, county and state arts commissions she is well versed in the sensitivity to the "sense of place" required in designing art for public places. Her knowledge of and expertise in durable materials designed for high traffic areas has enabled her artwork to pass the test of time. Through her work in research and development for the porcelain enamel industry, Cheryll is known for introducing porcelain enamel for use public art.