PAINTINGS      As a multi-media artist, Cheryll uses materials most relevant to the statement and her sense of place. She paints on paper mache,  steel, aluminum, tin, board, canvas, copper, and cast iron using porcelain enamels, acrylics, water color, ink, and pencils. For public art, she paints on durable surfaces that are easy to maintain and resistant to the elements. (Most paintings measure 30" x 30" and are acrylic on board.

No Sense of Place


A Dime A Dance 




Sounds of Silence


Dawg Daze


Fly Away Birdie 


This image can be interpreted as a dream, a nightmare, a memory, or a prediction. Abandonment due to race, gender, divorce, death, or other societal inequity leaves its indelible mark.

The US Chinese Exclusion Act of 1883-1943, and China's Cultural Revolution left women and their children separated from husbands and family, and often were totally abandoned. 

This work was inspired by the artist's personal experience of racial discrimination, and also the story of a journalist in China who was separated from her family by the government during the Cultural Revolution leading to abandonment by her father.

No Applause 


Cradle 1: Swimmers 




Cradle 2: Forbidden City


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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden


Abandoned - 2017

Acrylic on board  -30"h x 30"w x 2"d

Goddess of Mercy 



Mr. Peanuts Adjustable Ceiling